Sunday, November 24, 2013


If you guys know me well, you know I don’t normally don a running shoe. It’s just that, I’m not athletic. Who doesn't like the thought of being fit, healthy and all that comes with it? but like some things, its easier said than done. 

 I’m not the type who would unconsciously enter a NIKE or an ADIDAS store (or the like) to browse through some sporting gear. NO. But come to think of it, running shoes have become a staple in almost everyone’s ensemble. As for me, incorporating this piece in to my everyday wardrobe is something new and I’m all for stepping outside my style comfort zone.

BALANCING ACT: A marriage between style and athleticism. This “FIELD RUNNER” pair from WORLD BALANCE certainly fits the bill.
If you're like me, still wondering how to jump start an active lifestyle..why not start with a pair of running shoes. I’m all for shoes that are reasonably priced, and does not compromise style. With this pair’s relatively inexpensive price, I won’t feel as bad overusing it.

STYLISH STEAL: WORLD BALANCE’s affordability’s one of many things you can look forward to. Prices range from only P700 to P1999 a pair. 
Chronicled via Instagram, here’s how I take my World Balance running shoe from the mall, to the streets, and anywhere in between. 
"@markbuenaobra: Pardon my short short short shorts. emoji #ootd "

"markbuenaobra: Todays impulsive zipline momentemoji"

" @markbuenaobra: Outdoorsy #sunday emoji"

Nowadays, running shoes scream versatility. Breaking its boundaries from just being an athletic pair to something that is more stylishly universal.

World Balance is available at SM Department stores nationwide.
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Sunday, October 20, 2013

TRAVEL: THAILAND 2013 part 2

Our week long journey continues to Bangkok’s Grand Palace also know as Wat Phra Kaew, the most important of all the temples in Thailand. Home of the emerald Buddha, (which we’re not allowed to take a photo of, btw.) but anyway, the whole sanctuary itself is a visual fête. Every corner’s covered with gold, mirror-glass mosaics and other intricate elements that makes Wat Phra Kaew truly one of a kind!

Next stop, Wat Pho. Home of the reclining Buddha. Located just behind the Grand Palace.

Open until 6pm, The entrance only cost a hundred baht! comes with a free bottle of water!


Before visiting the Grand Palace.

1. As soon as you arrive at the Suvarnabhumi airport, get yourself a free map. An illustrated one if possible. It’ll come in handy once you take a cab and the driver has no idea what you’re saying. Just show him the map, point the location where you wanna go and voila!

2. Avoid scammers! As soon as we got off the cab, there’s this sketchy guy distracting us & trying to tell us the temple’s closed for the next 30mins. It’s a lie! (apparently.) I’m not sure why he’s doing it but fear not! Ignore and just go straight to the entrance, its open every day from 8:30am to 3:30pm!

3. Dress appropriately! They’re really OA strict when it comes to that. When dressing for this visit, think you’re going to a Sunday mass. It’s safe to just wear jeans and a sleeved shirt. There’s this girl we saw in leggings and was not permitted to go inside. My cousin who’s wearing a maxi dress and a shawl was not permitted as well. If you did not bring any extra clothes with you, there’s a long line by the entrance where you can borrow a button down and a tapis like skirt. For men, you can’t wear tanks, shorts and I think slippers.

4. Wear slip-on shoes if possible. For there are temple chambers where you’re required to remove any form of footwear. As for me, I was wearing a lace-up mid cut boots and it was a bit of a struggle putting them on after each time I took them off.

5. Go early and bring water! It’s a long walk inside. Better to be prepared. Do not expect clean rest rooms.

6. The entrance fee is 500THB per person and it’s worth every baht!

After visiting the Grand Palace.

1    1. After visiting Wat Phra Kaew, just literally behind it is the Wat Pho, home of the reclining Buddha, it’s a bit of a walkathon from the Palace’s exit so be prepared. (physically! haha).
      2. Keep your ticket from the Grand Palace, attached to ours was an entrance to the Vimanmek Mansion. Thai’s version of the Malacanang Palace. We skipped this though! Maybe for our next visit!
      3. After visiting the temples, cab drivers along the area will try to make kontrata because it’s traffic. It’s very possible that it’ll be traffic going back to Pratunam area (where we stayed), but 500THB is a little too overpriced for the ride. The cab we got agreed for 200THB which is pretty reasonable considering the distance and the traffic as well. Just think about the meter from our hotel going to the Palace that morning was just 90THB.

      I hope these will help you guys on your visit and watch out part 3 of my travel post :)